(Why Four See Two Tees)

As taglines go, it doesn’t roll off the tongue. That used to bother me, but having been at KW for a few years now, I like it. It shouldn’t roll off the tongue. It’s too important. You should have to slow down to say it right and hopefully, give it a moment’s thought. Lots of companies talk about Culture. Company Culture. Corporate Culture. In fact, because of all the hype around Culture, it’s lost a bit of it’s meaning. At KW it’s a framework for your life, your relationships, and your business. 

W - Win-Win or no deal. 

I - Integrity. Do the right thing. 

C - Customers always come first

C - Commitment in all things

C - Communication. Seek first to understand

C - Creativity. Ideas before results

T - Teamwork. Together everyone achieves more

T - Trust starts with honesty

E - Opportunities For All

S - Success. Results through people