5 MORE Questions to ask a Realtor - When you're Selling

1. What kind of sign will you put in my front yard?

You want a yard arm sign, not a small cheap garage sale sign. If you're in a high-end community with an HOA that has a sign ordinance, make sure they know that. Last thing you want is a fine, because the agent put their sign in your yard. That can get really messy.

2. Who will take photos of my home? If its a professional photographer, will you be here while they’re here?

Unless it’s an investment-grade property, you want a pro. And you want the agent there to help make sure the photos as good as they can be. Don’t expect your agent to clean your home for you unless that is something you’ve worked out ahead of time, but they know what clutters up a photo and what doesn’t. And for pity’s sake. Put the toilet seats down. Please! And turn on the lights.

3. What changes, repairs, upgrades do you recommend prior to listing and why?

Pre-packing, cleaning, repairs, staging, etc. Some agents will not go into this until you've agreed to work with them. I will usually give a few pointers, but not do a full review until it's time. But they should be able to give you an idea if they're thinking you need general cleaning, major repairs, cosmetic changes, etc.

4. What hours are you available by phone?

Here is a great way to test your agent-to-be. Call them (from a different number) and see if they answer, return calls, or have full voicemails. If you can’t reach your agent, neither can the buyers’ agent. When I am calling other agents, 75% of the time they don’t answer, 50% don’t call back, and 10% of the time their voicemail is full so I can’t even leave a message.

5. When I get an offer, then what?

The agent should have a clear plan in place that reviews the offer(s) with you, go's over pros-cons, investigates the financing, and gives you an "estimate net to seller".

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