Helping 1 Million Kids

KW Cares and Kares 4 Kids. It’s one of the biggest reasons I moved my real estate business to the Keller Williams brand in 2018. I wanted to be a part of something more than just myself and my real estate career and KW has offered that in so many ways.

I remember my first book bag drive. A room in the basement of a church packed with

people and piles of book bags. Boxes and boxes of paper, folders, crayons, and other supplies lined the walls, and our agents and their families came from all over and lined up and filled bag after bag. They were taken to schools and shelters where the teachers could hand them out to kids they knew were in need. Starting the first day of school empty-handed is a heart breaker to watch, and since 2005 Kares 4 Kids have changed that day for 19,555 kids.

Since 2005 - They have donated more than 8,000 teddy bears to children in need.

Ever sit with your child in a hospital room and what them hurt and know there was nothing, absolutely nothing, you could do about it? I have. God help me, I hope I never will again. When the door opened and a fireman came in with a stuffed husky my daughter smiled for the first time in ages. It wasn’t just a new toy, it was the act of pure love that came with it. She has kept it with her to this day. Since 2005 Kares 4 Kids have donated 10,732 Kare Bears to local children’s hospitals, first responders, policemen, and firemen.

In 2019 agents from all over Atlanta met at Costco along with people from local food banks and shelters. We ran through the store like crazy shopping for food, household goods, and supplies needed to restock empty pantries and shelters. People asked if we were shopping for a recent natural disaster and we said no and explained our mission. After we checked out, a family came to me and said “Here - we got some extra for you” and donated several items. Seeing so many people, so excited to help out their community was amazing. Since 2009 Kares 4 Kids have donated enough food to feed 8,885 children!

Only a month after I started at KW, I walked into the office and quickly noticed that there were boxes of books everywhere! For all ages! That was my introduction to the book drive. Agents take a few moments to write something encouraging on the inside of the book and the books are donated to the mobile libraries. Every child should have a book of their own, and as an avid reader, and I am so proud to be a part of that goal.

In 2019 our annual Red Day spent the whole day at Home of Hope. It’s a local shelter helping women with children get back on their feet. We weeded the landscaping, painted the playhouse, cleaned and painted the furniture and so much more. It was hot and sweaty work, and I was sore and tired for days. I can’t wait to do it again. This year, we are tackling the challenge of children who sleep on the floor. No child should sleep on the floor and we are currently raising money to buy beds and bedding for as many children as possible.

Ever try to buy a teenager a gift? I have and really, all they want is money. Since 2005 Kares 4 Kids have donated $75 gift cards to 3,889 ‘forgotten teens’ in foster care. The gift cards are designed so they can get what they really want. Sometimes, it’s the only gift they’ll get. It gets better, some of them didn't even use the cards on themselves. They bought gifts for siblings, parents or basic necessities.

If that wasn’t cool enough…

100% of all money donated goes to the kids. Really. Private doners handle all of the administrative costs. In fact, our little Atlanta based charity has gotten the attention of some really fun people including Tom Holland's "The Brothers Trust" Yes. Spiderman has donated to our cause! As a geek, you can guess I’m really excited by that one! If you would like to know more about Kares 4 Kids and/or donate please click the link below.

William and I donate a portion of every closing to Kares 4 Kids. We are but one small contributor compared to some of our Super Sponsors, but together we can reach 1,000,000 kids!

Click for more information about Kares 4 Kids

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