Homeward & Virtual Properties.Biz!

Happy Summer 2021! I am really excited to announce that I am moving forward in my Real Estate career and have accepted a full time position with Homeward.

If you don’t know what Homeward is, you will soon enough. Essentially, they make buying and selling a home SO much easier than traditional methods. And it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg and unlike iBuyers, they don’t consume all your equity. It’s going to be a really exciting move forward for me. I'll be helping other Realtors and their buyers/sellers have a smooth transaction with Homeward. In this market when buyers can't win and sellers are having too many offers (yes, that's a thing) Homeward is stepping in make the process easier. As part of this new role, I've moved my real estate license to Virtual Properties.Biz.

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