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When I'm working with a buyer, I will pull a list of homes that meet the "needs and wants list" of my client. Frequently the list contains more homes than anyone would want to look through, so I will narrow the list down to the top 10 options before sending to my client for their review. When I look at the first couple of photos, if they're dark, blurry, house is dirty or cluttered, or anything else other than "nice", then I'll pass on the house. It may be a great house, but if the photos make me say "pass", then my clients will certainly not want to see it. When the options are limited I may send those houses with a note that says "ignore bad photos" or something like that.

Here is the point. Hire an agent that will use a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER. Unless you're selling investment grade properties, you need to look as wonderful as you can, and no agent, I don't care who they are, will take good photos. Even me, and I was a designer for 20 years. See prior examples of their work before you agree to hire a photographer. Your cousins uncles' bosses, niece may do beautiful portrait work, but that requires different equipment and skills and doesn't always translate.

Homes will SIT on the market, and wait. and wait. Because the agent the seller hired was too cheap or lazy to do a professional job. Sadly, we can't go to these sellers and say "what were you thinking" because it would violate license law. (We cannot contact a seller once they sign with another agent).

Here are some example of photos that should never have been used.

The mouth urinal is actually an arguable photo. The bathroom is clean and well lit, and you might as well put it on the listing because if you don't someone is going to complain. Frankly, if that was my seller, I'll beg them to replace the urinal prior to listing.

The dead animal head. I know hunters are proud of their trophies, but many buyers find them offensive, and the last thing you want to do is give someone a reason to not look at your home. This photo, takes it to another level of yuck. The other three photos are more likely to be found in any listing. They're dark and gloomy. I see a LOT of these. I do NOT send them to my clients unless I really have nothing better to show. Because they don't want to see them either.

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