Selling FSBO: Safety First Part 1

Set up a dummy email account, its sole purpose is for selling your home. It’s really critical that you are reachable. If an agent with a buyer legitimately wants to see your home, they will need to be able to reach you. You don’t want their email to get lost in your daily deluge of Google Alerts, Best Buy offers, and Nextdoor posts. Timing is critical here. Buyers are kinda needy and if they like your house, they want to see it NOW. Not next weekend. So you need to monitor that email multiple times a day. Better yet, set it for alerts. Additionally, consider getting a cheap prepaid phone with a disposable number. Or set up a google voice account with a specific number. You want people to be able to reach you. You also want to turn it all OFF when you’ve sold, or hired a Realtor. will protect you from agents who want your listing, spammers, angry buyers, and general cyber punking.

Selling FSBO: An Overview

Obviously, we would like to list your home or find you an agent in your market to help you. However, we understand that there are a lot of reasons that a seller would prefer to sell their home themselves. For those sellers, I wrote this series of short blog posts to help them sell faster, safer, and for more money. If at any time, you decide it isn’t for you, my hope is that you’ll remember us and give us a call. Best of Luck!

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