Selling FSBO: Safety First, Part 2

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

So you have a buyer that wants to see your home. First thing to determine is who is going to show it. Either they have an agent or they don't. (Interesting note here. If they say they have an agent, but haven't signed yet, use caution. There are two kinds of people, either the kind that honor their word, or they don't. Careful dealing with someone who will backstab their agent.

Buyer has an agent.

If so, read my post “FSBO: Working with Buyers Agents”. Get their license number. With that license number you can go to to check and see if they are a licensed agent in good standing. If they will not give you their number, or you can’t find them on GREC (Georgia Real Estate Commission). Don’t show your home.

Buyer has no agent

If they have no agent, why not? (See Blog: FSBO: Unrepresented Buyers - Unicorns or Investors?) You will want a copy of their driver’s license, the make and model of the car they are driving and tag number. In either case, you should ask to see the pre-approval letter from their lender. Call the lender and see what you can find out. Don’t be surprised if the lender won’t tell you details, but they should be able to answer if they have pulled credit, tax returns, and have verified employment.

Paranoid Much?

All of this may seem extreme, but google "Realtors killed on the job" (over a 1.3 Million results) and choose to protect yourself instead of becoming another sad news blurb. Seriously, whatever your reason for selling without a professional, it's not worth your safety.

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