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Extra Mile - Vacant Listings

A Red Gecko Difference - Vacant Listing TLC

“One Realtor is the same as another.” Sadly, most people don’t understand how untrue that is until they’re in a bad experience and it’s too late or costly to change agents. So they vow, “next time” I’m getting a better agent. But unless you’re buying homes on a regular basis, time has a way of healing all wounds and eventually you find yourself looking for an agent and can’t quite remember what you wanted to avoid from last time. Our service is a notch or two above most Realtors out there. This is just one of the reasons why. 

Red Gecko Vacant Listing Commitment. 

  1. Hook up lamps with timers so the home appears occupied. 

  2. Collect and forward any mail or packages. 

  3. Check grass, shrubs, leaves, etc, and notify sellers of maintenance needed and coordinate yard service. 

  4. Maintain thermostat settings. (This one is a special gripe for me) See my video about “turn on the heat!!”

  5. Check to make sure lights are turned off and all doors are locked after a showing. 

  6. Use only secure blue-tooth enabled lock boxes so that all entries are recorded and documented. 

  7. Check interior; see if it needs vacuuming, cleaning, etc. arrange cleaning as needed

  8. Check bathrooms; arrange to have cleaned if necessary

  9. Check all lights and replace any bulbs as needed

  10. Pick up agent business cards

  11. Make sure the sign is straight and secure and that there is always a supply of marketing materials in the home.