Teddy Bear


Kares 4 Kids

KW Cares and Kares 4 Kids. It’s one of the biggest reasons I moved my real estate business to the Keller Williams brand in 2018. I wanted to be a part of something more than just myself and my real estate career and KW has offered that in so many ways.

We donate a portion of every closing to Kares 4 Kids. We are but one small contributor compared to some of our Super Sponsors, but together we can reach 1,000,000 kids!

Kares 4 Kids Highlights 

  • As of 2020 10,732 Kare Bears have been donated to comfort children in need. 

  • Christmas 2019 - Donated 740 gift cards worth $75 to ‘forgotten teenagers’ in foster care

  • 2019 - $60,372 used to help vital projects in more than 15 local charities and 18,000 children

  • 2019 - $32,034 spent to feed, clothe, protect and care for more than 1,400 kids

  • Almost 100,000 books were donated in 2019 to help encourage children to read!

  • Since 2005 more than 392 charities and schools have been helped!