Specializing in senior homes, Investments and first time home buyers

William has an eye for design and layout that goes back to his graphic design college education in Texas. Prior to becoming a Realtor, he worked as a self-employed graphic designer for many years with nationally recognized clients like Nestle, Coca-Cola, Gibson Guitar, as well as several commercial real estate firms. 

William is a fixer and maker. Tour a home with him, and he’ll be looking at the major systems, exterior conditions, and overall maintenance level of the property. As a certified home inspector, he knows what to look for and where to throw a red flag, what is negotiable, and when to just walk away. 

There is a growing problem in America. The senior living crisis. Many families are struggling to take care of their aging parents while trying to raise their own children and maintain a full-time career. The housing market highlights these problems. Children often inherit their parents’ homes and have no idea what to do with it. In addition to the emotional ties, they often need repair and sometimes the kids have a hard enough time just getting through the day, let alone taking on a project like getting mom and dad’s house ready to sell. William knows how to work with these families and help them in this time of stress and turmoil. He is happy to meet with family members and review options. Sometimes the best answer is to find an investor to take on a project home, sometimes an IBuyer is the best choice, and sometimes you need a traditional sale. He can review the options and tailor a strategy that severs our clients best.  

William is from an Air Force family and has a deep respect for members of the military and local first responders. He is married to the other half of the team and has 4 children. In his free time, he enjoys movies, video and board games, laser forging, and woodworking. He supports Alzheimer’s research and Breast Cancer research.